At Shining Light Christian Preschool our philosophy is to provide your preschooler with a very safe, relaxed atmosphere where they will be able to thrive and learn.Children of all ages are works in progress. Their brains and bodies are developing all of the time, and the things that occur in their environment play an important role in their development. The adults around the children play a huge part in how they grow and learn. As preschool teachers we arrange the environment, monitor social experiences, model language and behavior, and design learning experiences.

Every moment of a preschoolerís day is a wondrous experience.While your child plays he/she will learn many cognitive skills.At the same time, he/she will experience passionate feelings, newfound independence, an endless supply of energy, and a zest for discovery.While playing, your preschooler will discover his/her likes, dislikes, talents, challenges, and how family, friends, and community fit into his/her life.

Through a safe and healthy environment, we facilitate learning with hands on experiences, through play, and open-ended projects with a Christian emphasis.We believe that children learn the most as active learners with hands on experiences and the ability to contribute and make choices.Our goal is to enrich lives and help each child be their best!

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